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Minnesota Opinion: On Bachmann-census

An excerpt from recent editorials in Minnesota newspapers:

From The Associated Press

On Bachmann-census

For one member of Minnesota's congressional delegation, the Constitution is more important than the laws Congress has made.

Michele Bachmann, who represents the 6th District, has said she will not fully complete her family's census information form because she thinks most of the information it seeks is private. It's an odd argument coming from someone whose job is to make laws, and it sets a very unfortunate example.

Bachmann believes that the Census Bureau is entitled only to know how many people live in her household. The rest of the census questions ages, driving habits and more are an intrusion, she has indicated. So, despite the fact that federal law says that Americans must answer all the census questions, she said she is simply not going to do so.

We wonder whether Bachmann believes all Americans should make their own interpretations of the Constitution and act accordingly. If so, there will be no need for 95 percent of the laws Congress creates. And, of course, we would have chaos.

Bachmann is in a unique position as one of the nation's most powerful leaders. She has the ability to change the way the Census is conducted. Doing that, rather than flouting the law, would be the responsible thing to do. And, in fact, we wish she would lead a drive to make the Census less intrusive rather than arguing for near-anarchy.

Michele Bachmann is setting a terrible example for her constituents and all Americans. What she ought to do is use the power of her office to change things for the better, rather than leading a rebellion of lawlessness.

-- The Daily Journal of Fergus Falls