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American Opinion: On the G8 summit

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

On the G8 summit:

Expectations are low as this year's Group of 8 summit meetings open ... in the earthquake-damaged Italian city of L'Aquila. That is not for any lack of urgent problems, like a faltering global economy and Iran's unchecked nuclear appetites. A successful summit also could give a much-needed push to international negotiations to address global warming and revive earlier promises to help the world's poorest nations.

But inexcusably lax planning by the host government, Italy, and the political weakness of many of the leaders attending, leave little room for optimism. If this session is going to justify the time and effort, President Obama will have to lead the way. It is time for him to turn the diplomatic credit he has been earning over the past six months into diplomatic capital.

He must renew the push on Germany to invest more in economic stimulus. ...

Mr. Obama also must press his fellow leaders to restrain dangerous protectionist impulses. ...

He will need to begin leveraging his more nuanced approach toward Iran to build the kind of unity against nuclear adventurism that predictably eluded George W. Bush. ...

Every nation represented at L'Aquila has a clear interest in a stronger and faster economic recovery, stopping Iran from building nuclear weapons, slowing global warming and helping the world's poorest nations prosper. It is up to Mr. Obama to remind and energize them.

-- The New York Times