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Editorial: Peterson gaffe will not hurt him in '10

The story of Collin Peterson's statement about his dislike of town meetings where Sept. 11 conspiracy theorists speak up blaming the Bush administration is interesting.

Granted, Peterson used poor judgment in recently telling the Web site Politico that "Twenty-five percent of my people believe the Pentagon and Rumsfeld were responsible for taking the Twin Towners down."

Certainly, 25 percent is a bit of hyperbole on Peterson's part. He quickly apologized Tuesday for his off-handed remark.

The facts remain that there are some conspiracy theorists, including some likely in the 7th Congressional District, that do believe the Bush administration created Sept. 11 for a specific agenda. And there some who think Sept. 11 was just a Democratic conspiracy to damage the Republican Bush administration.

Even some conspiracy theorists believe the Apollo 11 never landed on the moon forty years ago and others who ... well, there are a lot of conspiracy theories.

In America, individuals have a right to believe whatever they want, even when the evidence doesn't fully support their beliefs.

Minnesota Republicans believe they now have a better chance of recruiting a GOP candidate to run against Peterson after his conspiracy statement. That may be true.

However, Peterson has won his last four elections with the following vote totals: 76, 59, 77 and 62 percent. Peterson's voting performance reflects his district and that he does a good job representing the voters of his district.

His opponents will need far more than this quote gaffe to oust Peterson in 2010.