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American Opinion: On Congress expenses

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

The Associated Press

On Congress expenses:

When Congress was grilling auto executives for the way they were running their companies, lawmakers found an easy way to score cheap political points. They chastised the CEOs for flying to Washington for the hearings aboard their corporate jets rather than flying commercial. Such travel showed they were out of touch, you see.

Never has hypocrisy been so brazen. ...

Taxpayer-funded junkets have increased 50 percent in just the two years since Democrats took over Congress. But it is hardly a partisan offense. Republicans have shown little resistance to the fun.

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) led a congressional delegation to visit troops in Afghanistan in February, they took a little $56,000 side trip to Italy. For eight days. A few public events made it official. ...

Using deficit spending to rescue the failing companies was the more consequential of lawmakers' hypocrisies, especially for the taxpaying public. But nothing demonstrated their hypoacrisy like chastising the auto execs for their use of private jets.

It's hardly surprising that the same members of Congress who so nonchalantly strap future generations with trillions in debt would not think twice about letting taxpayers foot the bill for their family vacations disguised as congressional business.

-- The Paducah (Ky.) Sun