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American Opinion: On the moon landing 40th anniversary

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

The Associated Press

On the 40th Anniversary of man's moon landing:

"One small step . . ." and a long way to go.

From the moment an astronaut on the moon watched the Earth rise in a black sky, mankind has looked at itself in a different way.

There was Earth, one planet among billions, cycling through the universe like all the rest, beautiful to behold but one of a crowd.

Our sense of our place in the heavens was forever changed. ...

Americans were deeply divided at the time about the worth and wisdom of it all, and four dec-ades of perspective have failed to settle the matter. The legacy of the Apollo missions -- bold achievement or hollow vanity -- remains in dispute.

For our part, though, we reveled in the moment then and we revel in it still. We only hope to live to see the day when life is discovered on another planet or moon, and when an earthling stands on Mars. ...

In weighing the legacy of that historic day -- when a man walked on the moon, for God's sake -- we find it impossible to think only in terms of the practical -- what it cost, what scientific advances were made, what national security interests were furthered. We can't help but think there is a greater standard: We are born with a yearning to better understand our place in the cosmos. We seek discovery for discovery's sake. We just want to know.

-- Chicago Sun-Times