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Editorial: Yelling hurts the health care issue

The debate over health care reform has descended into an August full of bullying on both sides of the issue.

Some of this rabble-rousing has become almost un-American in some sites, as speakers on either side strive to drown out each other with volume. In addition, much of the shouting on both sides has been spreading disinformation, rather than facts.

This growing debate anarchy is driven by many sources -- internets, e-mail, talk radio, interest groups on either side, and, of course, politicians. Each group is stirring the pot of public opinion to their own spin and/or objective.

Health care reform is a significant and major issue in America today.

Moreover, it should be.

There are some reforms worth pursuing.

There are some reforms worth opposing.

All Americans -- conservatives and liberals -- should check out all of the proposals. Then debate the issues based on facts, not hysteria.

Just because it says so in an e-mail or on a Web site, does not mean it is a true fact. The Internet is great for spreading rumors faster than a local coffee shop.

However, the Internet is great for checking out the facts, as there are a number of good fact-checking sites.

It is time for all Americans to tone down the anger and fear on both sides of health care reform debate.

Get the facts and then debate the issues in a civil and respectful manner.