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Editorial: Welcome to new era of Gopher football

It has been a long time in coming -- the return of Gopher football to the University of Minnesota campus.

Decades after an early 1980s move off-campus to the Metrodome, Gopher football returns home today to open their home schedule at their new stadium, known as TCF Bank Stadium.

Nearly a decade after the Metrodome opened; a 1992 wrecking ball arrived to knock down old Memorial Stadium, the site of a number of Gopher football national championships. Many thought this was the end of Gopher football on campus.

By mid-afternoon today, more than 50,000 fans will show up for this inaugural game in the new stadium and watch as a new chapter in legacy of Gopher football unfolds.

All can expect to see a new wave of enthusiasm and cheering as Goldy the Gopher leads the Maroon and Gold out onto their new field.

However, as one senior newspaper columnist often notes, teams must continue a winning record on the field to keep fans buying tickets.

Today's game against the Air Force Academy will not be a cakewalk. It should be a good game to open this new Gopher football chapter.

We welcome this new chapter in the Gopher football legacy.