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Editorials: Sept. 11 remains a time to remember

It has been eight years since terrorists cowardly attacked on Sept. 11, creating a new day of infamy for the 21st century.

On that fateful day, nearly 3,000 Americans and others were killed in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

In the eight years since Sept. 11, much has changed, while much remains the same.

The Bush administration has passed into history and America elected the Obama administration. America has gone to war in Afghanistan, moved on to Iraq and is now focused back on Afghanistan.

Eight years later, the al-Qaida organizational leader Osama bin Laden still remains at large, now a man long in hiding somewhere along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In the beginning, Americans supported the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Then the right supported and the left generally opposed those efforts, now both have switched sides in their support. It's called politics.

Today is not a day to debate political or military matters.

Today is a day to remember those who lost their lives on Sept. 11 as well sas those who served.

Today is a time to remember the west central Minnesotans who have given their lives for America and those who have served in her defense in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world.

Today is a time for remembrance of many things. It is also a good day to remember to fly ayour country's flag.