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Minnesota Opinion: On domestic abuse

An excerpt from recent editorials in Minnesota newspapers:

From The Associated Press

On domestic abuse:

Pam Taschuk of Lino Lakes, Minn., did everything she was supposed to do to try to survive an abusive relationship.

She got her husband charged with false imprisonment and domestic abuse. She filed an order for protection. She filed for divorce.

And then she was killed by her abusive husband of 22 years. That same week in the Mesabi Daily News we focused on domestic abuse with two stories that told of law enforcement abuse calls on the rise and also of Range Women's Advocates seeing more victims than years -- one official said the numbers were the highest in 10 years.

It is never, ever OK for one spouse to hit another, unless in self defense. And for a weapon to be used -- whether a closed fist, knife, solid object or gun -- the result could very well be seri-ous injury, or in the case of the Lino Lakes woman, death.

A Virginia law enforcement official made it clear in one of those two stories that domestic abuse is not something OK if it happens behind closed doors.

If the sounds of domestic abuse carry to the neighbors or to passers-by, then that is something that needs to be reported -- anonymously, if necessary.

Domestic abuse was treated terribly in society. It was something that was allowed to occur in the dark recesses of a community. It was allowed to thrive because of a "look the other way" and a "Gee, I don't hear anything" attitude.

To do so only gives more power to the abuser, who sadly believes he or she already is in total control with a license to do whatever to another human being.

-- Mesabi Daily News