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American Opinion: On losing the Olympics:

An excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States.

From The Associated Press

On losing the Olympics:

We are stunned and feeling blue, surprisingly more so than we would have expected.

We really wanted Chicago to win those Olympic Games.

Our congratulations to Rio -- we wish you the best. You grabbed the gold rings fair and square.

But, honestly, we can't stop thinking: What a terrific show this tall city on the flat prairie could have put on. ...

For three years, and most intensely in the last year, the merits of bringing the Olympics to Chicago have been hotly debated all over town.

Supporters of the Games promoted them as a fun form of economic development -- a summer party that would boost tourism, jobs and Chicago's international reputation.

Opponents of the Games dismissed them as an inexcusable diversion from the real challenges facing Chicago: controlling taxes, reducing violence against kids, improving schools and breathing new life into troubled neighborhoods.

Each side made good points, to be sure. But now that the race has been run -- and Rio de Janeiro, not Chicago, has been crowned the winner -- let's consider a new proposition for Chicago: Harnessing even a fraction of that enormous Olympic bid energy to create a praiseworthy non-Olympics legacy. ...

-- Chicago Sun-Times