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Editorial: Citizen input is needed on downtown

The Becker Market is completing its fourth year of operations. The effort has been successful. Now efforts are underway to take another step toward a new redesigned downtown Willmar.

The Willmar Design Center is working with a consultant and the city of Willmar to reconfigure Becker Avenue as a market and festival downtown center.

This goal is worth pursuing.

The role of downtown Willmar has evolved and changed over recent decades.

A Becker market-festival concept could become a strong draw for downtown Willmar as well as a valuable community asset for the city.

Several concept design boards are currently on display at Heritage Bank in Willmar as well as online at:

The consultant team focusing on Becker Avenue is seeking public feedback concerning the various concept ideas. The public feedback will play a role in completing the next step of the design process.

The final objective is to develop workable concepts for long-range strategies to help revitalize the Willmar downtown district.

That is a worthy goal for all of Willmar.