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Editorial: State plan on H1N1 vaccine is best way

As west central Minnesota hears the growing demand for the H1N1 vaccine, they are instructed to wait until their medical clinic calls.

Minnesota health authorities are striving to target the most vulnerable individuals within the state's population first.

That is the right step by health officials.

As the H1N1 vaccine is distributed around the country, Minnesota is handling the process differently than other states. Each state determines how to distribute this critical vaccine.

Some states are holding flu-shot clinics in schools or shipping H1N1 to private businesses. In some states, citizens have lined up for blocks waiting in line in public hoping to get the shot.

Minnesota's strategy is simpler and safer -- wait until your medical clinic calls to inform you about the availability of the H1N1 vaccine.

This strategy is better and safer for several reasons.

- Medical personnel indentify those most vulnerable to get the shots first.

- Citizens do not expose themselves to the H1N1 virus by standing in line at public flu clinics. Avoiding crowds is a good step in H1N1 prevention.

- Minnesota is avoiding rushes on medical facilities and their staffs by not announcing where the H1N1 vaccine is available.

Minnesota health authorities deserve credit for a good plan for distributing early deliveries of the H1N1 vaccine in a reasonable and efficient manner.