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World Opinion - On air travel fears:

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the world:

From The Associated Press

On air travel fears:

Air travel became the first casualty of the stunning terror attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.

For many years after 9/11, airlines in the U.S. and around the world had to struggle for survival. ... However, with the recent terror plot involving a Nigerian man targeting a Detroit-bound flight, it seems the fear of flying is back in the air. Two separate incidents on two continents Saturday underscore this conclusion.

This weekend, military jets scrambled to intercept a San Francisco-bound jetliner AirTran Airways in the US when an inebriated passenger got himself locked inside the bathroom. ...In the second incident, an Emirates Airline flight had to be aborted in London just before its take off for Dubai when three passengers ... talked about a 'bomb'...

While in both incidents, nothing unpleasant thankfully happened, one thing is for sure: Flying will never be the same again. ...

Of course, there can be no compromise on air travel security. It cannot, however, exist in isolation of the world around it. So all of us have a stake in making our world a safer and more just place.

-- Khaleej Times, Dubai,United Arab Emirates