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Editorial: Summit on health care to be intriguing

With the lights and cameras in attendance, President Obama, Democrats and Republicans sit down today for their televised summit of health care reform.

As Americans look on, they will likely see continued political paralysis or some effort at bipartisan discussion.

Most likely, we will see a little of both.

All Americans have something at stake as these politicians sit down today.

Obama and the Democrats are looking for some type of progress to regain their political momentum. The outcome of the health care summit will affect the remainder of the Obama administration and coming elections.

Republicans are seeking a restart on the health care reform debate. They hope to stop Obama health care reform in its tracks, without losing the political momentum of the past eight months.

Citizens with health insurance worry about the rising cost of health premiums as well as the unknowns and cost of reform.

The hopes of more than 46 million other citizens without health care ride in the balance as well.

Obama laid out a revised health care plan Monday. Republicans immediately criticized, but failed to offer any alternative plan. So today's summit discussion will be interesting.

It will be classic political theater as Obama starts the discussion with congressional Republicans and Democrats.

We hope the political theater will not overwhelm the need for health care reform, in favor of seeking political advantage for the November elections.

Do not get your hopes up.