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Editorial: Be safe by the running waters of springtime

Once again, the rising river waters have spilled out of their banks in west central Minnesota and across Minnesota.

The spring flood season has arrived in Minnesota. While is the water brings the joy of spring, it also brings dangers.

It is a time for caution and wisdom for all.

There is no reason to take risks around rising and fast flowing water of spring runoff. Driving through running or flooding water is dangerous due to the force of the water or the unknowns caused by flowing water.

Kudos go out to first-year Trooper Kristopher Paluch Thursday for working quickly to save an 86-year-old farmer who drove his tractor into a flooded field in Lac qui Parle County. Paluch was able to help reach and then bring the farmer to safety.

Communities along Hawk Creek in recent days have battled the rising waters.

The Minnesota River communities are now facing rising waters, which are expected to rise further in the coming days.

The Red River of North is once again flooding along its watershed, forcing major flood work in Fargo, Moorhead, Grand Forks and other communities along the watershed.

Water levels are rising along the Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Croix Rivers as well.

So be safe and do not venture into the cold and fast spring runoff. Avoid walking on any remaining ice.

If you have extra energy, go to a community in need and volunteer to help with sandbag preparation or other needs.