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Editorial: Politics have no room for violence

As Congress completed cleanup on the landmark health care legislation Friday, the American public is still waiting to learn or understand exactly how this new legislation will affect their lives.

Certainly, the legislation's passage was a huge Congressional Democrat political victory as Republicans were unable to stop this legislation. The wisdom of this legislation will be debated until the November election and beyond.

In the end, history will be render judgment upon the wisdom of this legislation.

The most disappointing development over the past week has been the growing number of threats, intimidation and violence against both Democrats and Republicans, all in the support or opposition to health care reform.

Last weekend in Washington, congressional representatives were spit upon and called racial names. This week, the harassment and threats increased across the country.

This cowardly vigilantism has ranged from obscenity-laced and threatening voice mails, e-mails and letters to bricks or bullets breaking windows to packages filled with white powder.

Some of the caustic hatred even erupted within some reader comments on in recent days.

These actions are despicable and cowardly. In fact, they are also un-American.

In America, no act of Congress -- health care reform or anything else -- deserves threats or retaliation against lawmakers or their families.

Threats and violence have no place in civil discourse of America.

Americans -- liberal, independent and conservative -- exercise their favor or displeasure with elected officials at the ballot box or in political debate on the campaign trail.