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Editorial: Prom time is time for fun and no drinking

With the spring prom seasons gets in full swing in the coming weeks, young teenagers will be dressing up, eating and parading before dancing their night away.

It is a great time to be young and carefree.

Yet prom season is also a time for teens, family and friends to use extra caution and avoid underage drinking and its related tragedies.

All should also remember that there are legal consequences for teens as well as those who provide alcohol to minors.

There are even legal consequences for parents and other adults who have not purchased the alcohol, but for providing a location or environment where underage drinking takes place.

The consequences are not minimal.

Teens can lose their drivers license, lose their remaining high school eligibility, endanger their college eligibility or commit a crime while under the influence. A few may even hurt or kill a friend in an accident. Some will lose their own life by overdose or drinking and driving.

Adults providing alcohol to minors can be held liable, facing serious criminal, legal and financial consequences, including felony convictions and prison time in the case of death or serious injuries.

Any host providing an environment for underage drinking can be found criminally responsible in some cities in Minnesota that have "social host" ordinances in place.

Some say that underage drinking is part of growing up. Others say it is just teens being teens. The teens say that adults did it when they were young.

The facts remain teens die from drinking too much or from drinking and driving. Teens died years ago, teens died last year and, unfortunately, some will die again this spring

Do not let tragedy come to a teen you know or love this spring by enabling underage drinking.