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Editorial: Question: Can gov, Legislature get along?

Under Minnesota's constitution, the governor cannot arbitrarily set the budget. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that Gov. Tim Pawlenty's unallotment cuts were illegal.

In simple terms, the court reminded the state and its leaders to operate within its constitutional limits.

Minnesota's current budget debacle is the fault of Pawlenty and the Legislature. The portion of the responsibility will be judged by history.

This week's ruling reminded Pawlenty that he is only a governor, not a baron. He needs to get better at governing, work harder toward consensus and learn to compromise.

The DFL-controlled Legislature members were reminded they are only legislators, not overlords.

The reality is the budget is the responsibility of both the governor and the Legislature. The DFL leaders should also look at themselves in the mirror. They must work harder on consensus and compromise as well.

As a lame-duck governor, Pawlenty has a lot at risk. His state influence will decrease with each passing week, while his presidential hopes could be hurt with each week this budget deficit fight drags out.

Both Pawlenty and the Legislature have been directed to solve Minnesota's budget deficit together. It is time for both to quit end the posturing and political strategizing.

It is time for both to put Minnesota's interests ahead of their own or their political party.

Both moved quickly Thursday morning to meet and start negotiating. Pawlenty cancelled a planned political trip for the week.

Time will tell if either has learned a lesson this week.