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From The Associated Press

On health claims made about packaged foods and dietary supplements:

From breakfast cereals that supposedly can lower your cholesterol to green tea with "anticancer" properties, food companies are remarkably creative in the claims they make about the health benefits of their products. The problem is, many of these claims aren't backed by scientific evidence.

With that in mind, the influential Institute of Medicine last week released a report calling on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to apply the same scrutiny to health claims made about packaged foods and dietary supplements as it does to claims made about prescription drugs and medical devices ...

We recognize that taking a prescription drug that doesn't deliver what it promises is more of a problem than eating a cereal that doesn't really prevent flu as advertised.

But that doesn't mean food companies should be allowed to mislead consumers with unsupported health claims, especially at a time when people are hungry for information they can use to make smart choices about their health. ...

-- Chicago Sun-Times