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American Opinion: On Gulf Coast needs less talking and more doing from BP

By The Associated Press

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

On Gulf Coast needs less talking and more doing from BP:

BP's containment cap, which the company said captured 11,100 barrels of oil June 6, is the company's first substantial progress in reducing the amount of oil escaping into the Gulf of Mexico.

That's an important development, and Louisianians are hopeful that the strategy may further control the massive spill while relief wells are completed. After all, thousands of barrels of oil still are flowing into the Gulf of Mexico every day.

In any case, BP CEO Tony Hayward and other BP officials need to stop their chest-bumping. Hayward said the cap was catching "probably the vast majority" of the oil, even though estimates of the total amount spilling from BP's well are as high as 25,000 barrels a day.

As Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said, the emergency is far from over and no one "should be pleased as long as there's oil in the water." He warned against creating "any undo encouragement," and said BP "needs to under-promise and over-deliver."

Hayward and his BP brethren should heed those words.

Even with less oil flowing into the water, the oil-affected area in the Gulf and on the coast continues to expand. In a gloomy assessment, Allen warned of the difficulties of collecting what's essentially "hundreds of thousands of patches of oil" over a vast region. He said the "breadth and complexity" of the situation means the cleanup will go on for months after the oil well is finally capped. And our region will live with the catastrophe's effects, he said, for years. ...

Hayward said his company would "make good on our promises." He vowed: "We're going to clean up the oil. We're going to remediate any environmental damage. And we are going to return the Gulf Coast to the position it was in prior to this event."

What Louisianians want from BP, Mr. Hayward, is less talking and more doing.

-- The Times-Picayune,

New Orleans