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Editorial: Welcome to all the Sonshine visitors

Welcome to each visitor, worker and performer coming to Sonshine 2010. We want to welcome you to Willmar -- an All-America City.

The city is glad to see each of you coming back or coming for the first time to Sonshine. This year is the 29th annual Sonshine Christian music festival.

Every year during Sonshine week, the population of Willmar doubles as guests, workers and performers descend upon the music festival ground.

Sonshine officially opens today bringing more than 20,000 music fans to the Willmar area. The festival held a free concert last night for the community.

Passersby watched Wednesday as a "Tent City" miraculously rose across the festival grounds creating the Sonshine neighborhood in Willmar.

On Wednesday, we all saw more people in the retail stores, in the restaurants and a little more traffic. It is a good development to see if you think about.

All those people here in Willmar for the next few days have a major economic impact as Sonshine visitors spend quite during their stay.

All of these visitors also get to see what a wonderful city Willmar really is as well. It is a great place to live, work and play.

The music schedule between now and Saturday is full of bands and signers representing a wide range of Christian music.

We wish each one of the visitors, workers and performers to Willmar the very best during Sonshine 2010.

We hope you enjoy some great music, have a positive experience in our fair city, and have a great week!