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American Opinion: On the postal rate increase proposal

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

From The Associated Press

On the postal rate increase proposal:

A postal price increase is a bad idea at a bad time for newspapers, subscribers and the entire mailing industry.

The National Newspaper Association has joined the fight to halt the Postal Service's "exigent" price increase filed July 6 with the Postal Regulatory Commission. The praice increases include a 2 cent hike on the first-class stamp, but a much more serious increase for the mailing of newspapers and magazines.

The increase will also affect churches, community organizations and labor groups that use nonprofit mail. It will affect businesses that use the mail for communications and advertising. It will affect catalog companies that send packages in the mail. It will affect everyone.

The new rates will be effective Jan. 2, 2011, unless the PRC stops them.

Our fight is in the best interest of consumers and anyone who mails.

In 2006, a price cap that held postage rates within inflation levels went into effect as a result of the work of NNA and other groups representing users of the mail. That cap allows increases only within the Consumer Price Index as tracked by the PRC, which is less than 1 percent currently. The U.S. Postal Service wants an average of 5 percent increase in postage. The proposed rates would weaken the cap and maybe destroy it forever. ...

-- The Joplin (Mo.) Globe