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American Opinion: On how federal health care legislation

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

From The Associated Press

On how federal

health care legislation:

America is graying due to lower birthrates after the baby boomers came to be.

That means relatively fewer people will be paying taxes to support older Americans on Social Security and Medicare. And Medicare in particular is a ticking time bomb.

One portion of ObamaCare calls for "reducing the deficit" by cutting payments by 21 percent to doctors and hospitals under Medicare. But cutting money for Medicare just as more and more people are eligible would end up cutting available care for seniors just when they need it the most.

Under the legislation, the growth of those payments would be arbitrarily limited, so the cut would be bigger and bigger over time. This would cause havoc in health care for America's seniors. Many medical practitioners are considering dropping Medicare patients because treating them would actually be costing more than the reimbursements.

Medicare already suffers an unfunded liability of $38 trillion, according to Medicare's own government actuaries. What ObamaCare would do is loot $2.5 trillion from Medicare over the next 20 years to spend on other entitlements listed in the legislation. ...

Only in Washington is massive spending incorrectly called the way to control costs. The American people have shown in poll after poll that they clearly understand that dichotomy, even as the ideologically driven congressional leadership refuses to listen to them.

Those leaders should remember that seniors are the most reliable group of Americans to vote. November is just a couple of months away.

-- The Pueblo (Colo.) Chieftain