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Editorial: New look at road plan is good one

Kandiyohi County made the correct decision this week in looking again at the proposed reconstruction of County Road 9 east of Eagle Lake.

The County Road 9 realignment, scheduled for 2012, was scheduled to receive a final recommendation this week. The Kandiyohi County Public Works Department decided to look at the proposed project and explore suggestions from Eagle Lake residents.

Those suggestions include slightly expanding the project and moving the road farther east of the lake.

Under the original plan, a 3-mile stretch of the existing road would be rebuilt with a 1½-mile stretch shifting slightly to the east of Eagle Lake.

The alternate plan would move the roadway up to 200 feet farther east and reduce the number of access points to two or three.

County officials will have to consider future development east of Eagle Lake and along County Road 9 north of Willmar.

The decision on County Road 9 will affect Eagle Lake and county residents for decades to come.

The county engineers will re-study this project, make possible adjustments and reformulate their proposal. Then the public will again get a chance to provide input.

This review of the County 9 realignment will end up with a clearer proposal -- better meeting the needs of Eagle Lake and county residents.