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World Opinion: On BP's report on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill:

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On BP's report on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill:

Deep-sea oil drilling is an inherently dangerous business but a necessary one. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April is proof of its hazards. BP's internal report into the spill draws attention to the errors and omissions which led to the tragedy, though the investigation on which it was based could not be conclusive. It also highlights the problems for the entire industry in maintaining a culture of safety for its workers, especially now that oil companies devolve so much of their construction work to outside contractors.

BP has got its report in first, before the U.S. government's own investigation is published. It appears comprehensive insofar as it can be, without being able to test some of the defective parts of the structure. Its catalog of fatal flaws lays some of the blame at its own door, without actually identifying its well design as a source of the problem. Naturally, that conclusion is vigorously disputed by the contractors on whom a share of the blame does fall in the report, including Transocean and Halliburton. Yet the point remains that BP was ultimately responsible for its contractors as well as its own operations. And there is also the question of whether cost-cutting at BP, not just under the hapless Tony Hayward, but under his predecessor, compromised safety. That needs more soul-searching.

This is not the last word, let alone the last report, on this terrible accident but it sets the scene for those that follow. Meanwhile, the whole oil industry should be taking its lessons to heart.

-- London Evening Standard