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Kandiyohi County Attorney endorsement

The Kandiyohi County Attorney race is between incumbent Boyd Beccue and challenger Jenna Fischer. It is a tough choice between the experience of Beccue and the potential of Fischer.

Beccue has served 20 years as county attorney as well a assistant county attorney and a city attorney. He is a U.S. Army veteran. He brings extensive legal experience -- locally and statewide. He has significant experience on the county's civil law needs, especially in contracts, ditch law, open meeting and data practices law. He has facilitated significant change in his office -- from adding computers and appropriate networking to now moving to an e-charging system and other paperless initiatives for cost savings and efficiencies. He believes he has remained true to his and legal principles of importance. Beccue's weakness is a brusque personality, which at times can offend others.

Fischer brings her own experience to the table: five years as assistant county attorney under Beccue, working as a public defender and in private law practice dealing with family law and criminal defense -- all three based right here in Willmar. She says she would bring a more approachable and respectful manner as county attorney. She states she would provided better coordination with law enforcement.

This election should not be decided on one case, but upon the overall experience and record of each candidate. Both candidates bring their own set of legal experience and community service.

Voters have a choice between two good candidates -- Beccue and Fischer -- for the Kandiyohi County Attorney office. We believe that either can serve well in that capacity.