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Minnesota Opinion: Proton-beam therapy will brings jobs, patients to Rochester

An excerpt from recent Minnesota editorials:

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Proton-beam therapy will being jobs to state:

Proton-beam therapy will bring jobs, patients to Rochester

Those of us who have no training in radiology, oncology or advanced physics have a lot to learn about proton-beam therapy. ...

If you're a cancer patient, however, there's nothing fictional about the benefits of proton-beam therapy, which delivers radiation directly to cancer cells while minimizing the damage to neighboring healthy tissue. This is cutting-edge medical technology, and four years from now, Mayo Clinic will become one of a handful of medical centers worldwide to offer it. ...

Think about it. ...

Mayo's project is more than double that size: $188 million. It will create 500 construction jobs and require at least 120 new employees to staff it many of them highly trained and highly paid. ...

News like this should provide a jolt of energy to our community, and indeed to the entire region. Mayo Clinic once again is demonstrating its commitment to Rochester and is affirming its mission to remain an international medical destination not only for patients, but for top-notch physicians and medical researchers who can work anywhere they see fit. Mayo knows that it can't attract the best if it rests on its laurels, and despite a challenging economic climate for medical providers, it is showing no signs of complacency.

Economically, we're all very fortunate that the clinic continues to grow and thrive. ...

-- Post-Bulletin of Rochester