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American Opinion - On Groupon thumbing Google on the Internet:

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

From The Associated Press

On Groupon thumbing Google on the Internet:

Offered a $5 billion payday, what would you do? No need to conduct a poll. We're sure 99.999 percent of Americans would grab it.

The other .001 percent are lying.

Well, that's what we would have calculated before this.

Chicago-based Groupon Inc. turned down a reported $5 billion or so buyout offer from Google. Honestly.

Groupon's largest shareholder, entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, would have become a billionaire and one of Chicago's richest people. Groupon CEO Andrew Mason would have suddenly become extremely rich, at age 30.

Google offered a massive deal to buy the young company that provides online consumers with steep discounts for local businesses such as restaurants and health clubs. ...

Groupon said no to Google. The Grouponers aren't saying why. ...

Possibly this is all an elaborate joke. Mason is a 2003 Northwestern University music school grad with a quirky sense of humor who has been compared to the uber-weird comedian Andy Kaufman of "Taxi" fame. Mason's Groupon is the kind of company that hires a male performance artist to stroll around the office in a tutu, mute. For a week. Enough said.

Whatever the reasons, the Grouponers are gambling on their company and themselves. That's exhilarating.

Sure, the company was just another struggling Web site that no one had heard of two years ago. Yes, it turned a profit within eight months. But the way the Web goes, nothing is guaranteed eight months -- or eight days -- from now. ...

We'll probably know soon whether Groupon's gamble pays off. ...

-- Chicago Tribune