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Editorial: Persian Gulf War was quite justified

As the Beatles hit Sgt Pepper song lyrics read: "It was twenty years ago ..."

At 5:38 p.m. CST on Jan. 17, 1991, combat operations began in the Persian Gulf War in the Middle East. A U.S.-led coalition quickly expelled Saddam Hussein's army from Kuwait.

In January 2011 -- 20 years later -- the global community and the United States are still grappling with the challenges of Iraq and the Middle East.

"I honestly believe history will say we got (the Persian Gulf War) right," said former president George H.W. Bush this week at a 20th anniversary symposium on the Persian Gulf War.

How right he is!

The Persian Gulf War was the first major world military conflict since the end of the Cold War in the 1980s.

The goals of this war were simple -- to remove Saddam's Iraqi forces from Kuwait and to restore freedom to Kuwait's citizens.

Operation Desert Storm was as efficient and accurate as warfare can be.

- A worldwide coalition was developed under United Nations authority.

- Republican President Bush built support and gained approval from a Democrat-majority Congress.

- Under U.S. command, more than 500,000 soldiers were deployed with efficient success.

- A clear and concise objective was identified and accomplished -- freeing the country of Kuwait and its citizens.

War of any kind at any time is a horrible thing. Unfortunately, sometimes in history good nations have no other choice.

The Persian Gulf War was one of the right wars in history -- it was the right war at the right time in the right place.