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Tribune Editorial: Remain cautious about our rivers

With a little luck as well as a bit of cool weather, communities along the Minnesota River and its tributaries as well as other rivers have gotten past one crest.

The Minnesota River appeared to crest Wednesday in Montevideo and slowed its rise in Granite Falls. The South Fork of the Crow River has also crested earlier this week.

There have been a few roads closing in the region, but no major problems thus far.

However, the spring flooding of 2011 is not over yet.

There is a significant snowpack still on the ground in much of west central Minnesota. There is also a significant weather system approaching this weekend, which will bring more moisture -- either as snow or rain -- into our watersheds.

This coming precipitation by itself or in combination with warming temperatures could quickly accelerate the runoff and in turn increase the river levels.

Everyone should remain cautious through the coming week. Please stay aware of the changing weather system.

Finally, please use appropriate caution and safety around our fast and full rivers, streams and ditches in the coming weeks.