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From The Associated Press: Midwest Opinion - On affording purple with our state's gold?

An excerpt from recent editorials in Midwest newspapers.

On affording purple with our state's gold?

How legislators spend state tax money says a lot about our values in the North Star State.

And it appears that taxpayers -- at least in some parts of Minnesota (Ramsey County for the moment) -- may be on the hook for a portion of the money needed to keep the Vikings from doing like the Clampetts and packing up their bags and moving to Beverly Hills.

Gov. Mark Dayton has called a pre-Thanksgiving special Legislative session to figure out the fate of the Vikings stadium.

Quite frankly, needing to call a special session to deal with a professional sports franchise may surely be a sign of the apocalypse.

... One of the worst teams in the National Football League might be rewarded for long-term mediocrity by getting a new home.

If you ask us, a team as ho-hum as the Vikings kind of deserves the Metrodome.

Dayton is right to set the play clock on the issue.

True enough, no specific deal has been hashed out.

Yet, the special session date will give all sides an end date to finalize plans.

If there has to be a special session, setting a date and getting it over with seems to be the right approach.

The issue has dragged on for so long, the average Minnesotan seems confused, if not apathetic. ...

We're certainly not rooting against the Vikings; we just think residents need to ask their legislators: Is professional football in Minnesota a want, or a need?

And how can we continue to keep telling residents we have to cut back services only to give more tax incentives to millionaires who own sports teams?

-- Winona Daily News