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Editorial: Vote yes on NLS?technology levy issue

Voters in the New London-Spicer School District face a decision Tuesday on a $1.5 million technology operating levy.

The district's levy plans call for $500,000 for three years to be invested in technology and training for students and staff.

This investment in the district will address limited internet access and capacity issues as well as utilize technology to transform educational learning in the classroom.

The West Central Tribune encourages NLS voters to vote yes on this proposed technology operating levy issue.

This is the time for NLS to make an appropriate investment in technology.

The technology proposal would invest in iPads or other tablet devices, interactive whiteboards, classroom sound systems, computer labs improvement and network infrastructure improvement.

The levy's additional tax impact would be $37 annually per $100,000 of home value on residential property. The tax impact on agricultural land would be $28 per $100,000 of value based upon the value of one acre of land, house and garage, while the business property impact would be only $21 annually per $100,000 of value.

A community group -- Yes For Technology -- is promoting a yes vote on this levy.

The group wants to the NL-S community to make this critical investment in the children and the educators of the district.

One Spicer businessman -- Daryl Ingalsbe -- is opposing the levy. He claims the proposal is just "more money to buy more junk."

His position appears to be that the funding will not be utilized properly. His arguments tend to be anti-tax rhetoric.

The NLS School Board and administration has outlined a strategic plan of where the levy funds will spent: 75 percent for devices and network equipment and 25 percent for training and personnel costs.

We believe a strong NLS school system is a wise investment for the district and Kandiyohi County. This levy would provide needed technology to the district and have a positive impact on economic development in the county.

On Tuesday, district voters should vote yes on the NLS district's operating levy. Approving this levy will be a wise investment in NLS kids and our future as well.