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Editorial: Remember sacrifices of Pearl Harbor era

Seventy years ago today, Japanese military aircraft swept in over Hawaii's Pearl Harbor and destroyed much of the U. S. Navy's Pacific fleet.

Nearly two hours after the 8 a.m. attack (Hawaii Time), 20 U.S. Navy vessels and almost 200 military aircraft lay destroyed. The human toll was significanr, with more than 2,300 soldiers and sailors dead and another 1,000 wounded.

December 7th was September 11th of the Greatest Generation, the adults and youth of the early 1940s. The sneak attack on Pearl Harbor awoke the sleep giant of America that was just coming out of the Great Depression.

Americans of all walks of life -- including Japanese Americans, German Americans and Italian Americans -- forged forward together toward one single purpose -- survival and defeating the Axis powers of Japan, Germany and Italy.

Veterans and citizens will gather today at Pearl Harbor to remember this American tragedy -- "a day that will live in infamy."

Americans should take a moment today to remember Pearl Harbor and the sacrifices of the Greatest Generation. Without the fortitude of this generation, America as we know it would not exist.

It is also a time to remember that we all -- Republican or Democrat, black or white, Christian or Muslim, Yankee or southerner, Gen X'er or senior citizen, Vikings or Packers fan -- are Americans first and foremost.

In the face of evil, America has always become and remains one. It is this fortitude that has made our nation great.

Today, we should all remember Pearl Harbor and thank the veterans and citizens of the World War II era.