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Editorial: Stadium proposal needs one location

The drive for a new Vikings stadium is nearing the goal line, but it is looking like a third-down and 15 situation in the fourth quarter.

Gov. Mark Dayton announced earlier this week that all three front-running stadium sites still have major problems and he could not yet recommend a specific site.

Then the governor said Wednesday that he was favoring Minneapolis's Linden Avenue site. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak is still favoring the Metrodome site and the Vikings are still favoring the Arden Hills site in Ramsey County.

The primary problem with all prospective sites, Dayton said, is that no stadium site proposal yet has "a complete and sufficient financial plan."

Minnesota's Legislature begins its session next week with no specific site identified as a favorite for a new Vikings stadium.

Dayton's stadium quarterback Ted Mondale needs to complete a pass or two to get a Vikings stadium proposal over the goal line. It will not be easy.

The Vikings franchise remains a Minnesota icon as well as an asset. The majority of televisions in the state and the Upper Midwest are tuned Sunday afternoons to the Vikings' game channel.

The Vikings stadium proposal still has a long way to go before it has a chance of passing in 2012. However, there are many working on various solutions.

We hope the interests can all come together on one proposal and get it through the 2012 Legislature before the Vikings go the way of the Minnesota North Stars -- now the Dallas Stars as we all recall.