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Editorial: It's time to enforce the invasive species law

State and local officials across west central Minnesota are taking the issue of aquatic invasive species seriously in 2012.

Kandiyohi County officials and law enforce

ment have said the era of education is over concerning invasive specifies law violations.

More simply, no more warning tickets.

Invasive species law violators will be cited, which could include fines up to $1,000.

The threat of invasive species, especially zebra mussels, is a very serious issue, that can impact every taxpayer in Kandiyohi County.

For example, if zebra mussels get into Green Lake in Spicer, not only will the lake's enjoyment be negatively impacted, but the tax base of all those lake shore properties will be negatively impacted.

While Mother Nature can spread invasive species, including zebra mussels, through transfer by birds or fish, mankind can certainly contain and slow the spread if proper procedures are followed.

Stupid actions by mankind, such as failing to properly drain boats or moving an infected dock to a new lake, can and will just spread invasive species prematurely and recklessly.

Local officials and law enforcement should continue their proactive and strong enforcement of invasive species laws.