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Editorial: Primary Day is an exercise of your basic right - vote today

Today is primary day in Minnesota. So it an important day for you and other citizens to practice America's most basic and important right -- vote today.

This primary is the first statewide vote since the redistricting was completed following the 2010 Census. A few voters may have a different location to vote this year, compared to previous elections.

If you do not vote in the primary, you really cannot complain about the ballot choices in November.

To find your proper polling place, you can visit:

On today's ballot, there are primary races from the statewide offices of U.S. Senate and Supreme Court justices down to the county level in some districts.

Your vote today is also important because voter turnout is expected to light. State officials predict the turnout today to be about 15-16 percent.

So we encourage every voter to exercise their right today and vote.