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Tribune Opinion: Destination Playground: We can build it if you help volunteer

There is a volunteer need in Willmar quickly coming up: The Willmar Destination Playground needs you to volunteer for the construction stage and to help build it.

And the Destination Playground will be something to behold.

Willmar volunteers originated the project concept, organized the volunteer committee, raised the needed funds privately and completed the planning stage.

Now our community just has to build it.

So the playground project now needs you to volunteer.

The Willmar community will be working to build the playground May 16-25 and will need many volunteers. There are 3,700 time slots for volunteer workers over the nine-day construction period.

The playground steering committee only has a little more than 60 percent of the time slots filled.

Willmar needs you - young and old - to step up and volunteer to help build it. Children from 10 to 13 can work with their parents, and teenagers between 14 and 17 will work in teenage groups.

For parents with young children, there will be child care provided on site for children through age 9, who are toilet trained.

There are many types of jobs - skilled construction slots that know how to manage power tools to non-skilled jobs, such as painting by number or tightening a nut on a bolt.

If you have artistic skills, you can help with the art projects planned for the playground.

The Destination Playground project is a private-public partnership of the playground steering committee, the city of Willmar and playground designer Leathers & Associates.

The project will cost about $900,000, which was all funded by private donations. The city owns the land and will own the playground when it is completed.

Thank you to all those involved to this point in getting the Destination Playground to this point.

The construction period is just around the corner.

The time to volunteer is now, so visit the website: and pick your volunteer spot.

The project also needs more tools volunteered: impact drills, drills, levels, circular saws, wheelbarrows, work lights, shovels, squares and awning. All tools volunteered will be returned to the owner. More specific information on tool donations needs can be found at

The best part is come late June, our community will have a new Destination Playground, which kids will love. So mark your calendar for June 24 and the playground grand opening.

If Willmar builds it, the kids will come. So answer the volunteer call and sign up for a shift.