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Editorial: Willmar is building Destination Playground, volunteers still needed

Our children were told if they could dream it, Willmar would build it.

So they dreamed what they wanted for the Destination Playground and now the construction phase has begun.

The Destination Playground is a private-public partnership in Willmar. It is a continuation of the private-public partnerships which have been embraced in our community in recent years.

The pre-build phase of the playground project has been underway for several weeks. On Tuesday, the building phase of the project kicked in.

Three shifts of people, totaling 100 persons each, turned out Tuesday to contribute their talents and muscles.

The building phase ran for two days this week - Tuesday and Wednesday - and the final building segment runs Friday through May 25.

The building phase will continue throughout those scheduled days - rain or sunshine, hot or cool weather or even a little wind.

While hundreds of people have signed up for volunteering on the project's building phase, the project still needs more volunteers.

In total, there will be more than 3,700 volunteer time slots to be filled before the project can be completed.

Walk-ups are welcome to stop by to volunteer. There are jobs for all - skilled and unskilled, young and old, etc. There is also baby sitting available for children toilet trained until 9 years of age.

The project, which costs about $900,000, was financed completely by private donations from individuals and businesses in our community.

The city of Willmar will own the playground upon completion and maintain it moving forward.

The playground will open on June 24 during Willmar Fests.

The best thing to do now is to find a few hours to volunteer and join this valuable community project.

It's time to answer Willmar's call and help the community finish the build on the new Destination Playground.