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Editorial: Nelsen is the best choice for Ward 4

 Willmar’s Ward 4 goes to the polls Tuesday to select a new council member to fulfill the two-year unexpired term of Doug Reese on the City Council. The voters here have two positive choices — Jay Lawton and Audrey Nelsen — to add a new perspective and leadership to the council.

 The two candidates have demonstrated a record of career and community involvement in Willmar.

 Lawton, 55, is a Navy veteran and has worked for 23 years at Jennie-O Turkey Store. He has served two terms on Willmar’s Planning Commission and also on the Mayor’s Housing Task Force and the Race Track Task Force. He has also volunteered in church and various sport activities.

 Nelsen, 61, has worked for 25 years in the banking industry in Willmar and is currently working at Peterson Brothers Funeral Home. She has served on the Willmar Charter Commission, Willmar Planning Commission, Rice Memorial Hospital Board, Rice Health Foundation Board, Rice Home Medical Board, Kandiyohi County United Way Board, the Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce Board and the Bethesda Foundation Board. She has also volunteered in church and community organizations.

 Ward 4 and the city need a councilmember in this position that will bring good leadership, is a wise decision-maker, understands the needs of both the ward and the city, and does not view everything through a partisan viewpoint.

 Lawton has a good record of public service and volunteering in Willmar. He has experience in tough decisions on the Planning Commission. He has also run for the City Council on previous occasions. We commend him for his service to our community.

 The West Central Tribune believes that Nelsen is the stronger choice Tuesday for Ward 4. She has a long record of leadership and public service in Willmar and understands the needs of Ward 4 and this city.

 Nelsen believes the city should be fiscally prudent, but is also willing to invest in the city’s needs when necessary. She has a strong financial business background. She believes in and understands the value of diversity in our changing city. Her perspective as a woman would be a valuable addition to the council.

 The best candidate choice Tuesday for Ward 4 and Willmar is Nelsen. She will bring solid judgment, a positive attitude, people skills and leadership to the council.

 We encourage all Ward 4 voters to go to the polls Tuesday for this special election.

 The deadline for letters to the editor commenting on the Ward 4 special election Tuesday or this editorial is 3 p.m. today.