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Editorial: The last resort is to fight attackers

  There is no perfect response to any attack on any school or college campus, but some law enforcement officials are now changing their recommendations.

 Our world has changed as school shootings have occurred from Red Lake in Minnesota to Newtown in Connecticut and terror attacks at home and abroad. Such violence is now a fact of life in this century.


 Some law enforcement officials are now recommending that school officials and even young students physically confront suspects as a final line of defense, but only as a last resort.


 Law enforcement officials have previously recommended potential victims in school or other shooting situations “flee, hide and wait for authorities,” according to a report in the USA Today.


 Now the advice has evolved into a “Run, Hide, Fight” philosophy.


 This new advice has evolved since the terror attacks of Sept. 11. United Flight 93 is an example of fighting back that saved many lives, but came with significant sacrifice of many lives.


 Many law enforcement officials believe the fight as a last resort is necessary for all citizens, but that individuals should only confront an attacker when no other option is available.


 Law enforcement officials believe this new strategy may keep some citizens from becoming victims if they ever face a fight-or-die situation.


 This new philosophy reminds citizens that government cannot protect them at all times and the final responsibility lies with the individual. Citizens must remember that there may be times where you may be forced to fight for your life and risk losing it in order to save it and others.