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Editorial: Region responds well to blizzard

The fortitude of west central Minnesotans often amazes even us. The region’s response to Monday’s ground blizzard was a prime example.

 Powerful northwest winds swept into western Minnesota loosening the snowpack cover and whipping up snow. The result was blizzard-like conditions and slippery roads by early Monday morning and continuing throughout the day across the region. Come nightfall, many highways were closed until Tuesday morning.

 Along with the blizzard’s high winds came cold temperatures combining for dangerous wind chills through the region.

 The end result was tragic in two cases: a head-on crash near Granite Falls claimed the life of a Marshall woman and another accident near Barnesville claimed two more lives.

 We are sorry for the loss to each of those families.

 A big thank you goes out to all the state, county and city snowplow drivers who worked hard all day Monday to keep highways and roads open and safe across the region.

 If you heard scanner traffic Monday, there were several near misses for several snowplow drivers as others drove too close, too fast or just stupidly.

 Credit should also go to all the law enforcement and tow truck drivers who assisted stranded motorists across the region, often at risk to their own safety.

 Thank you also to the many community members and organizations that provided a safe place for stranded travelers to wait out the storm, from a few hours to overnight.

 Come Tuesday morning all across west central Minnesota, people were ready to resume life in the region: roads were open, people returned to work and everyone bundled up against the cold.

 West central Minnesota in the wintertime is a great place to live, work and play. Spring is just around the corner.