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Editorial: Lakeshore erosion is important to all of us

 Kandiyohi County remains the place where the lakes begin in Minnesota.

 You can travel across this fine county of lakes and find more than 260 of them, from small acreage unnamed lakes to the giant of them all — Green Lake at 5,560 acres.

 Lake country is important to Kandiyohi County — from the standpoint of beauty as well as an important part of the county’s tax base.

 The lakeshore owners invest significantly in their lake property with a view. However, each year lakeshore within Kandiyohi County and across Minnesota is damaged through erosion.

 As Vanessa Glieden Henjum told the Kandiyohi County Board of Commissioners this week, “People are losing valuable shoreline” to erosion.

 The continued erosion of Kandiyohi County and Minnesota lake shorelines increases lakeshore erosion, increases sediment and phosphorous levels in the water, and decreases native vegetation.

 This all, in turn, impacts lake quality and native aquatic and wild life and, ultimately, lake shore values.

 This is why it is important for Kandiyohi County and other counties around the state to work in conjunction with lakeshore property owners in appropriate shoreline restoration and other good shoreline practices.

 While erosion cannot be completely eliminated, it can be controlled and mitigated when proper shoreline practices are utilized.