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Editorial: Harvin wore out welcome at Vikes

Wide receiver Percy Harvin wore out his welcome with the Minnesota Vikings and was traded to the Seattle Seahawks.

The issue with Harvin is as explosive as he was on the field, he was almost as detrimental off the field. While not as disruptive as Randy Moss was during his 7-year career, Harvin took only half as long — four years — to wear out his welcome with the Vikings.

Harvin is almost too good for his own good. He is a great kick returner. He is an outstanding wide receiver. More importantly, he can be a game-breaking player.

Unfortunately, this athlete tended to think of himself first and the team last. Maybe he should have been a marathon runner.

In his college years at Florida, it was always something with Harvin. During those three years, he had an altercation with an assistant coach and he tested positive for marijuana twice.

During his Vikings career, it was always something with Harvin. He missed multiple practices and three games due to migraines, skipped parts of a mandatory minicamp, demanded a trade, had an altercation with head coach Leslie Frazier and was placed on injured reserve late in the 2012 season. His worst offense was then disappearing from Minnesota following his injury.

The Vikings will miss Harvin’s production and explosiveness, just as they missed Moss after his trade. However, they will not miss the Harvin drama, just as they did not miss the Moss drama.

No matter how talented one athlete is, an ill-tempered one often wears out his welcome.

The Vikings have chosen to skip the Harvin headache, take the three Seattle draft choices and move on. Only time will tell whether the Vikings have made the right choice.