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Editorial: Spring is now here; it really, really is

Winter’s ending this week with the lion roar of a west central Minnesota blizzard, which made many a little bit grumpy.

Many looked out the window this morning and saw only bone-chilling temperatures with higher snow banks.

It sure doesn’t look like spring, does it?

Spring started with the vernal equinox at 7:02 a.m. here in west central Minnesota and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.

And the Minnesota State Boys Basketball Tournament opened today, so it really must be the end of the winter season. Right?

With below-normal temperatures and a foot of snow or more in March, some are a bit depressed with this long winter dragging out. That is natural as sunshine has not been abundant in recent weeks.

Yet the signss of spring are near.

In a few weeks as the snow melt begins, the snowdrops and crocuses will poke right through those snow banks. Then the baby chicks and baby ducklings will appear at local farm stores. When the lilacs bloom, we will know spring is here.

A good spring start will bring a gradual warming and a slow melt, for we do not want a rapid rise on our creeks and rivers.

Even a little frost (or lake ice if you fish up north) will not stop the fishing opener when spring is here.

One thing is certain, today is longer than yesterday — so let the sun shine.

Spring-time temperatures are just around the corner, they really are. That’s what the robin said yesterday as he shoveled himself out of the snow-covered bush.