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Editorial: Region is meeting many new challenges

West central Minnesota has undergone many changes over the past two centuries and continues to evolve now in the second decade of this century.

Everyone faces the challenges of change within our communities, our businesses and our governments.

West central Minnesota continues to meet those challenges in many ways. The West Central Tribune made “Rising to the Challenge” the focus of a special project this spring.

This project involved all the reporting staff of the West Central Tribune and directed by features editor Sharon Bomstad. They have taken an in-depth look what is driving the changes and found examples of innovation to meeting those challenges.

The stories are many and the information significant. The “Rising to the Challenge” stories run a total of 36 pages, packaged into three 12-page sections in today’s newspaper.

Take a look as these stories will be worth your time.

n Some local governments — cities and counties — in the region are at the forefront of government innovation.

n Aging demographics are driving some of the changes in the region.

n Younger residents in our communities are seeking opportunity to be involved in government.

n Schools and colleges are adapting to new technologies to help make students ready for their next step.

n Businesses and governments are seeking strategic partnership to solve problems.

n Changing demographics are often maintaining or driving population in the region.

n Agriculture remains a very important part of the regional economy.

We hope you enjoy reading our project “Rising to the Challenge.”