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Vote on funding bill fails in Senate, virtually assuring government shutdown

Editorial: This week has been a tough one

             Thank goodness for this weekend after a week-long wave of tragic news across the United States and another snow storm in west central Minnesota.

 The thrill of the Boston Marathon and the pride of Massachusetts was shattered Monday afternoon with two bombings that killed multiple people and wounded more than 100 individuals — runners, spectators and volunteers.

 Americans awoke Tuesday still in shock over dastardly bombings at the Boston Marathon and read the many stories of survival and rescue.

            The nation’s attention quickly focused Wednesday afternoon on the various reports about the bombing suspects — some media first reporting a suspect had been identified, then that an arrest was imminent, and then that a suspect was in custody. Then the Justice Department reported that no one had been in custody or had been arrested.

Thursday morning the nation awoke to the news of the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, which killed 30 to 50 people, injured nearly 200 and destroyed much of the town.

 Then Thursday afternoon a new storm bore down on west central Minnesota, the rest of the state and much of the Midwest. Rain, ice and snow developed across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Farther south, rain fell in volumes in Chicago, developing significant sinkholes.

 Friday morning Minnesota and the nation awoke to news reports of an overnight gun fights resulting in a police officer death, later a Boston bombing suspect killed and a second suspect on the loose. The manhunt has continued throughout Friday with much of Boston in lockdown status.

 Through the week, winter-time weather continued overstaying its welcome in west central Minnesota. Everyone remains anxiously awaiting spring-time temperatures.

 The nation watched the developing story in Boston in recent days and we all cheered Friday night at the arrest of bombing suspect 2.

 We can all take a break this weekend. Boston definitely deserves a big break this weekend as well.