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Editorial: Good luck and safe fishing this weekend

Winter's hold has finally subsided as spring's arrival melted the final ice cover on Green Lake Thursday just in time for the Minnesota fishing opener today.

The Green Lake ice out date Thursday broke the 62-year-old record of the previous latest ice out date of May 7, 1951.

Fishermen in west central Minnesota had the good fortune of warmer weather that helped melt the ice of area lakes. Farther north, fishermen will find most lakes in northern Minnesota still ice-covered.

Hopefully, this will mean good fishing business across the region as Minnesota fishermen seek out fishing where the lakes are open.

All docks are in the water and public accesses are open in Kandiyohi and surrounding counties, according to Minnesota Department of National Resources officials.

All fishermen and boaters this weekend are urged to use good safety precautions.

First, this is the first big fishing weekend of the year and passengers may not remember all the necessary safety precautions.

Second, and most important, the late spring and ice outs in many lakes means that the water is colder than normal. Thus, hypothermia and possible drowning can occur faster than normal.

So put on your life jackets, sit down in the boat, practice safe boating, don't drink and boat, and have good fishing opener.