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Hats Off: Thanks to necklace finder

Hats off to the anonymous lady behind this feel-good story. A Willmar man writes, “The family of my wife and I includes children that are yours, mine and ours. Fortunately, they consider it ‘our’ family. For my wife’s last birthday all the kids got together and got mom a necklace featuring birthstones for all the children. The second time she wore it, she went to church and later in the day went shopping.

“That Sunday evening she happened to put her hand by her neck while watching TV and realized the necklace was missing. In a near-panic she backtracked her shopping trips to no avail. Her last stop was at Wal-Mart, where she walked the aisles she had walked earlier, no luck.

“On a hunch she went to the service counter and told her tale of woe to the attendant. The young lady went to the rear of the department and came out with an envelope which she emptied into my wife’s hand. There it was!

“Seems when the lady who found the necklace looked on the back and saw the message ‘Happy Birthday Mom, from all your children’, the finder turned it in, feeling ‘it might have special meaning to someone.’ How right she was!

“God bless and thank you. And thank you to the Tribune for having this kind of forum for telling such a feel-good story.”