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Letter: Citizen wishes were heeded

Last year I wrote several letters concerning Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Milan bridge issue.

MnDOT had scheduled the rehabilitation of the Milan bridge; local citizens of Milan and the surrounding area were outraged! The citizens felt and knew that a new bridge was necessary for safety, economic development and the reinforcement by the state of Minnesota that our area was viable and worthy of investment.

After a contentious public meeting in Milan, MnDOT District 8 Head Engineer Jon Huseby deemed it wise and necessary to have further local public input on the Milan bridge. After several additional meetings were held, mediation was chosen to gather input, knowledge and a possible consensus on the issue.

After four meetings, the mediator compiled and sent to MnDOT the results of the mediation process. A new Milan bridge was recommended.

MnDOT did have to have further meetings in St. Paul and gather input from various governmental entities to complete the process.

Yes, we got a new Milan bridge! But the most important lesson to be learned from this process: local input is listened to by MnDOT! We do have a voice!

Ron Anderson