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Letter: A fine gesture of support

At the recent Relay for Life event I was able to witness a great gesture of support by a group of young men who have only temporary ties to this area.

The event itself was once again a great testimony to those who have had loved ones fight the fight against cancer. There are those who are fighting yet, those who have won the fight and of course those that lost their battle.

My hat is off to all of those that gave the effort to make the event happen.

As I was leaving the event at 11:30 in the evening I noticed the Willmar Stingers players arriving at the site. They had just played a game, which I took in, at the local field. Instead of going home they felt it important enough to come and give their support back to those who support them.

What great examples of character in these times. My thanks to them, the organization of the Stingers and their support staff—well done!

Tim Stutelberg